Our People


Quincy Brown

Quincy's expertise centers social equity, historical redress, and resiliency planning within urban development. As a Portland native, Quincy leads regional coalition-building and collaborative systems-design through strategic leadership, and technical planning expertise.

Prior to co-founding We All Rise, Quincy supported the development of a variety of  projects at the intersection of climate, economy, and community engagement–supporting the transformation of Claremont McKenna's Environmental Analysis Program to focus on environmental justice and circular economy, and spearheading public engagement opportunities for the LA River Project, Gold Line Extension Project, Claremont’s Safe Routes to School Program, and Claremont Home Energy Retrofitting Project. 

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant


Co-Founder and Co-President of Strategic Development

Maris Yurdana

 Maris' work sits at the intersection of economic resilience, climate-positive investments, and healing cross-cultural misunderstandings. Her experience lends an international perspective to the structural economic and political contexts of sustainable development. Maris spent 2021 on secondment at the World Resources Institute’s Climate and Economics Program, where she coordinated strategy across international offices on what a just transition to low-carbon economies means in practice.

As co-founder of We All Rise, Maris has supported on-the-ground development projects and contributed key environmental research to industry players. Prior to co-founding We All Rise, Maris engaged in equitable sustainable development work while living in Sweden, Uruguay, Mexico,  Chicago, and Washington, DC.  


Our team is a hybrid of in-house expertise and strategic partnerships. We collaborate and leverage our strengths on a by-project basis.  

Strategic Partners 

[list coming soon]

In-house contractors

Griffin Cloud Levine    Urban Planner, Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
Tristan Seyer  Writer, Technical Advisor
Jessica Simms   Assistant Planner, Researcher
Harrison Schreiber    Assistant Planner, Researcher
Atticus Wittenmeier   Storytelling & Videography
Artemis Kioussi    Designer & Architect
Abby Sharp   Graphic Designer

We build bridges between project partners and mutually leverage their investments. 

Project Partners