We blend on-the-ground stakeholder engagement with high-level strategic alignment, bringing a cohesive and direct understanding of how equity and processes can drive work, rather than answer to it.

When we collaborate with you, our purpose is not to check boxes.

Our team engages not only with the deliverables at hand, but works closely with our clients to make sure that the integrity of the project or initiative itself is being met. The inclusion of diverse perspectives promotes the implementation of culturally-specific, sustainable, and durable solutions.  

In our consulting work,

How We Can Help

Areas of Expertise

  • Collaborative urban economic development 

  • Urban mobility planning 

  • Transportation planning 

  • Circular economy 

  • Climate tech

We Can Support Your  Through..

We Produce

  • Strategic analyses

    • Equity nexuses

    • Disparity analyses 

  • Reports (production, chapter writing, general thematic support) 

We Can Work As..

  • Consultants providing on-demand services on retainer for your firm or organization 

  • Subconsultants on public RFPs 

  • Project-specific (or deliverable-specific) consultants for ongoing or one-time projects 


See our Projects Page to read more on our specific examples. 

Get Started

If you have an upcoming project, RFP on the horizon, or an unmet need in mind, please contact us at jessica@weallriseconsulting.com



We’re happy to set up a 30-minute initial call to get to know you, learn your “why”, and brainstorm how we can best support you.

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