Multicultural Stakeholder Engagement & Report for

TriMet's Reimagining Safety & Security Initiative

 Timeline: October 2020 

Project Context

We All Rise has partnered with TriMet to gather important community perspectives that will directly shape TriMet’s investments through their Reimagining Public Safety & Security Initiative. The Initiative redirects $1.8 million of TriMet’s security budget to community-based public safety approaches and reduces existing Transit Police contracts by six positions. Through focus groups, interviews, and surveys, We All Rise has been gathering data to inform the new budget.


We All Rise produced a 23 page report for TriMet's initiative, focused on the perspectives of youth of color. To inform our report, our team led and reported on focus groups with a diversity of young TriMet riders across the Tri County region (Oregon's Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties). All participants were under the age of 25, and included students, government civil servants, small businesses owners, event planners, artists, and security professionals.


The goal of these focus groups was to explore attitudes about safety on the TriMet system, identify priorities for investment of funds TriMet has set aside to address safety, in a broad sense, on transit, and gauge preferences for the presence of security personnel and transit police. In our conversation with members of our community, we hoped to empower young people’s perspectives on transit safety, particularly young people of color.


We realize that often young people are left out of public engagement processes. Due to the transit reliance that many young people have in the areas, we found it important to focus on this demographic to increase the integrity of TriMet’s overall study. The purpose of these conversations was to gather community input and ideas about how to create a safe and welcoming transit system .