TriMet's Reimagining Public Safety & Security on Transit

Project partners:


Project Location:

Portland, OR


Project Description:

We All Rise partnered with TriMet to gather community perspectives that will shape TriMet’s investments through their Reimagining Public Safety & Security Initiative. This initiative redirects $1.8 million of TriMet’s security budget to community-based public safety approaches and reduces existing Transit Police contracts by six positions. To inform our report for the project, We All Rise led and reported on focus groups with diverse TriMet riders under the age of 25 across the Tri-County area. Our engagement helped identify investment priorities for TriMet based on community input regarding public safety and preferences surrounding the presence of security personnel and transit police. By implementing funding decision-based feedback from groups that are the most dependent on public transportation, TriMet will be better positioned to create a safe and welcoming system for those who use it the most. 


We All Rise contributed the following deliverables: 

  • Interim Equity Assessment Reports after each phase of the project

  • A Final Equity Report and course correction guide