Multicultural Commercial Re-Entry Programs

Project partners:

Alberta Main Street, Portland Bureau of Transportation, Prosper Portland, Eugene-Springfield NAACP, the Community Center for the Performing Arts/WOW Hall, the University of Oregon Music Industry Collective, the UO School of Music and Dance, MESO, Burns Family

Project Location:

Portland, OR


Project Description:

Our multicultural re-entry program provides opportunities for community members who have been displaced, disinvested in, and disenfranchised. It takes into account our state’s racist and exclusionary past and fosters inclusionary spaces in areas that have been heavily redlined and/or gentrified. With our many partners, we have created commercial opportunities for vendors two years in a row on Alberta Street during the summer and activated a large downtown storefront called the Kinetic Collective. In addition to providing commercial space for BIPOC businesses, We All Rise connects community members with housing, transportation, and economic resources and hosts live performances to highlight diverse artists. 


Alberta Markets: In summer 2020 and 2021, We All Rise permitted and provided space for multicultural vendors on Alberta Street, which has historically been at the heart of Portland’s Black community. These markets served as a means of economic empowerment, reintegration for displaced community members, and a way to connect individuals to critical resources offered by the City, County, and local nonprofits. 


Kinetic Collective: We All Rise activated a large commercial space in collaboration with three other BIPOC-owned small businesses in Downtown Portland provided free of charge by Prosper Portland. Despite lagging foot traffic due to the pandemic, the pop-up storefront was open from December to March, hosted dozens of additional small vendors, and provided space for musical events which were filmed and streamed online.