Bridging The Digital Divide with the Inclusive Innovation Initiative

Project partners:

Technology Association of Oregon Foundation, NTEN, Meyer Memorial Trust

Project Location:

Portland, OR


Project Description:

We All Rise worked with Dwayne Johnson from the Technology Association of Oregon Foundation to form the Portland Inclusive Innovation Initiative (PDXIII). The purpose of this project is to catalogue the range of digital technologies and digital solutions deployed and funded by government agencies in the Portland Metropolitan area during the pandemic to support and uplift underserved and historically marginalized communities. This work also engaged community leaders and community-based organizations to assess the success and value of different tech interventions for community members. This work will help PDXIII understand which interventions were the most successful, which are underfunded, and allow the center to recommend what needs to be supported with public funding to improve community outcomes going forward. 



We All Rise contributed the following deliverables: 

  • Stakeholder engagement and research plan

  • Website for PDXIII

  • Phone calls and emails to government stakeholders and community organizations