Anti-Racism Program for the LivableStreets Alliance (LSA)

Project partners:

LivableStreets Alliance

Project Location:

Boston, MA


Project Description:

We All Rise worked with the LivableStreets Alliance (LSA) to address systematic racism embedded within organizational practices. In the process, we helped forge strong relationships among members of the board of directors and provided a viable approach for continuing anti-racist work in perpetuity. By challenging racism within their own organizations, LSA is now better positioned to work with and serve the underserved community members it uplifts on a daily basis. 


We All Rise contributed the following deliverables: 

  • Introductory powerpoint for the board to introduce the project and intended outcomes 

  • Individual and group meeting with board members

  • A mid-project report

  • Four workshops based on issues at the organization identified by the board

  • A final report

  • Ten hours of at-will consulting