We All Rise

Prescribe-a-Bike Program

Project partners:

Biketown (Portland Bureau of Transportation), People For Bikes, Multnomah County REACH, Multnomah County Health Department

Project Location:

Portland, OR


Project Description:

We All Rise organized and led a series of bike rides for participants in the Prescribe-a-Bike program. This program connects individuals from health clinics with a year’s worth of access to Biketown bikes to treat an array of lifestyle diseases. We also gathered feedback from participants via video recordings and focus groups at the conclusion of the ride program. All participants in our program left feeling confident to ride on their own or in small groups. This project also provided Biketown with valuable feedback regarding participants’ comfort levels with different types of bike infrastructure and bike riding in general.



We All Rise contributed the following deliverables: 

  • Five handouts to accompany each ride in the Prescribe-a-Bike series.

  • A bike safety booklet

  • Five bike rides led by We All Rise staff

  • Focus groups for Prescribe-a-Bike participants

  • A final report